Don’t be a quiter!!!

As a kid and young adult I quit on a lot of things. Karate, Boy Scouts, caring about school, my health and many jobs. 

     Now that I’m older I hate quiting. I don’t even want to stop watching a bad movie or not finish a book even if I hate it. Somewhere along the road I learned how good the sense of accomplishment felt for finishing something. I rarely quit now. I push myself thru cardio despising every minute of it. I stuck my diet. In four months I’ve lost 40lbs, am the leanest and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. 

    When it comes to work I don’t like to quit either. I’m a salesman and giving up goes against what I do and make a living. If what I have to offer can’t really help a prospect that’s one things. But when I see a big prospect I know I can be of value to and also of course make some good money I just can’t quite. Some of my customers took me 6 months before I got an order. Visiting every week. They never said don’t come back, so I kept going.

    I’ve learned that the feeling of accomplishment is much better then giving up on something. I push my self to achieve. I like to call it pleasant persistence and with it anyone can go far in life and be way above average.

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