If it’s worth doing, give it your all

When I was younger I always tried to find the easy way. I took little pride in most of what I did  I was always a “hard worker” but I was also a constant slacker. 

   This attitude grew as my so called “partying”did. I cared less and less about the important thing and did just enough to get by. Barely keeping jobs, on and off academic probation in college, being a selfish boyfriend and the list goes on.

    When I became a father things changed. I stopped drinking and drugs. I got my son at 3 months. I was already clean but I now had this wonderful miniature person to provide for. 

   I started to care about my career and making a future for myself. I have hit some ruff patches over the past 6 years but I pride myself on doing and being the best me I can. I do it in the gym, professionally, in my relationship and most importantly as a father. I am trying to instill a sense of pride in doing things. Anyone with a 6 year old boy knows they don’t want to sit and focus on writing neatly or cleaning their toys properly. 

   If it’s worth doing its worth doing your best. Even if the task sucks. You will build your confidence and self esteem when you practice this, that I can guarantee. 

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