Time for your self….

I have been working on so many things lately that I sometimes forget how important some down time is. Between taking care of my son, looking for a new 9-5, working on a book, working on my inventions and the list goes on. 

      I got pretty burnt out two nights ago. I needed to relax. Luckily my dvr had a few shows I like. A few hours of TV used to be my nightly ritual. These days I’m working on something to either make money or improve myself but it’s really important for some down time. 

     Not that I’m any sort of expert but I keep burning myself and feeling bad mentally. When that happens I know it’s time for a break. To prevent burnout I’m going to be practicing the 30 min  rule. That’s 30 min a day to myself to relax. If you work hard all day I think you earn it.

9 thoughts on “Time for your self….”

    1. My son and a wonderful girl I want to marry. I’ve also never been this broke in my life. I had a ruff time last winter but I’m working my ass off now. I listen to audio tapes, podcasts and read a lot more now and it’s just feeding the motivation. The audio stuff was all new and it’s like what have I been missing!!!

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      1. Brian tracy stuff is pretty good. I like a new podcast I been listening to millennial millionaire. The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson was good. it really has a good lesson by end


  1. I took a quick look. Looks like stuff that would Intereste me. Honesty between interviewing like crazy for a new 9-5, launching a nutritionel line on amazon, my 6 year etc I haven’t had the full chance to read much but I will!!!


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