4 Simple steps to start and stick to fitness

        Starting is the hardest part of most fitness programs. Sticking to it is the second  hard part. In my opinion everything else is “easy.” There are so many tools available to help someone. It doesn’t matter if its your first time in the gym or going back after many decades.

       These days there is so much information available on-line. You just google Macro 4-simple-fitness-rulescalculator and input your data to get a general break down of how many calories you should eat per day. So It won’t be easy but I promise It will be worth it.me of the better ones will tell you how many grams of carbs, fats and protein even to eat a day. With free apps like “myfitnesspal” you can search over a million foods. You would be surprised what is in the system, it allows you to scan a  bar code to cut down on time and you can enter calories and all the macro information if it’s a new item. In 6 months I’ve never not found what im eating.

      Meal prepping will really help and stop temptation to pick up or order in lunch on the road. It’s a real pain in the ass at first weighing your food but after a few weeks its second nature and the benefits are great. 80% of your progress will be diet. You cant out exercise a bad diet!!!

   You can easily find workout plans on-line for beginner to advance. Bodybuilding.com has hundreds of workout plans for male, female, beginner intermediate and advance lifters. You can google and watch videos of countless exercises and workouts.

    I know a big fear is starting. You may feel you aren’t in as good of shape as people who go regularly or you aren’t to sure what to do. As a dedicated person who is in shape and not a piece of shit I’ll tell you this.

Most gym regulars aren’t going to mock you for being over weight or asking for help. If someone is going to laugh at someone in the gym even if in their head they are horrible human beings. If you are at the gym trying to fix your problem almost every dedicated gym person will respect you. You’re at the gym not McDonald’s you are trying to change things and make yourself better and almost every single in shape gym rat will respect that.

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