Be happy with what you have.

Right now I am broke. Like mom and dad can I borrow money  to cover my 6 months car insurance. I have what I need though. A roof over my head, food in my stomach and plenty of cloths for my son and I. 

When ever I was down people would say make a gratitude list. I hated hearing that. I’ve tried it and it didn’t help. When I get down I sometimes turn to a pessimist. Then some make a different suggestion. Think about everything you could lose. Now when I feel down and out I can do that. My son or I could have health problems, the woman I love could leave me. Now this resonated with me when I’m down. 

TRY THIS- next time you are down about conditions of your life think about what you could still lose. Family, house, job, car and be thankfully for what you have. If you can change your thinking you will much faster change your attitude.

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